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Today, where we are being tested a little harder than usual with the fact that we are a part of nature, the word sustainability has started to take a place in our lives more than ever before. The fashion world is trying to act more consciously with the guilt of being the second most damaging sector to nature and the vision of the world that is starting to change, when it comes to materials that protect green, recyclable products, and reuse of waste parts.


“Every Item Plants Ten!”



One of the famous companies which aims to focus on sustainability, Tentree has been building a new kind of environmentally conscious apparel industry at its headquarters in Saskatchewan, Canada since 2012. Guided by its three principles of governance, transparency and partnership, Tentree plants ten trees for each product sold and has planted more than 30 million trees to date. Encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors and take care of the environment, Tentree also produces high-quality clothing.

The Success of Tentree


In the 12th annual "Innovators" special issue of Apparel magazine, published in June 2019, Tentree was featured as one of the truly innovative companies of the industry among the 30 best clothing companies. “Top Innovators” are selected based on unique IT-related applications, product launches or other great business strategies. Tentree was nominated by strategic industry.  It also partnered with some technological foundations as they need to manage their current growth and in order to grow further in the future. With the partnerships it has, Tentree is now able to produce new products faster, saving time and gaining full visibility into the product life cycle while protecting and considering nature.


Vision of Tentree


The brand believes that they can inspire a new group of clients to tackle the environmental challenges that the world faces. For this reason, Tentree allows each of its customers to make a difference by planting ten trees and ensuring that all clothing products are produced with sensitivity. The commitment of the brand to environmental awareness is not a deceptive strategy to increase sales. This is an approach that the brand believes in fundamentally, one that will have a huge impact on our environment in the future. The brand emphasizes that the world is our home and we can protect it together by building forests. 


In that vision, the brand believes that planting trees is a way to improve nature, maintain ecosystems and make the world a healthier place. It uses this vision as a concept of planting trees to inspire entrepreneurship, build sustainable societies, provide shelter and improve the overall quality of life. The founders of Tentree have years of experience in the tree planting industry and use that experience to create a working model that ensures tree planting happens sustainably and with the greatest impact. Here are just some of the many advantages associated with planting trees by Tentree:


  • Creating and improving biodiversity,
  • Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere,
  • Creating bioprecipitation,
  • Creating sustainable and resilient natural ecosystems.


What Actions Does Tentree Take For Nature?


If there is anything more refreshing than having a tree planted in life, it can be having ten trees planted. Planting ten trees by purchasing only one product is as beautiful as making dreams come true. A clothing brand established in Canada in 2012, Tentree has a motto that will inspire not only brands in terms of sustainability of fashion, but also all of us in terms of protecting nature. The brand, which has planted ten trees for each product they sell, has planted 9,185,850 trees so far. Tentree is in a community thinking that the price of fashion is not nature, rather than being a forest, formed by dozens of trees growing day by day and it is a brand established with the aim of allowing people who buy clothes from Tentree to shop with peace of mind knowing that Tentree does not harm nature and even does something good for our planet.


The brand pays attention to the fact that tree planting areas are places where forests are destroyed for different reasons. So far, they have mostly planted trees in parts of Africa, South and North America, and parts of Asia, and they have tried to bring new trees back to the man-destroyed forest for cultivation in Madagascar. Trying not only to plant trees but also to change lives, the brand offers temporary or permanent jobs to local people during tree planting. By reforesting a treeless area, it actually brings more oxygen and more rain to the people. It allows living things to live and feed again in the forest, and if the ones planted are fruit trees, it offers local farmers the opportunity to both eat and sell at harvest time. In short, Tentree, which offers every beauty that a tree and a good person can offer, also offers people the opportunity to be a part of this, with the products they sell, and inspires them. It also collaborates with non-profit organizations such as the Canadian Wildlife Federation, WeForest, American Forests, Eden Reforestation, Trees for the Future, to further its sustainability goals. 

How Does the Process Work?


If you want to make a contribution to protecting nature, you can also be a part of this process. But, how?  You will get a special code with every product purchased from Tentree to make an individual contribution to the brand's tree planting. That code represents ten special trees for you. When you get the code and save it on Tentree, you can see where your ten trees are planted and follow them. Not only do you follow it, you also have the chance to follow the growth stages and the positive effects it adds to the environment. All of us have to do something for nature. For this reason, you may listen to the stories of these young entrepreneurs who created a very meaningful and sustainable fashion brand without thinking about why on the website, also.


If you want to contribute to nature while buying products, you can consider Tentree or access other environmentally friendly companies from mimoni.com.

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