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Origins, which offers high performance skin care products by combining herbal ingredients with modern science, has a wide scale from cleansers to peelings, effective anti-aging products to deeply moisturizing creams. Stepping to the sector with the philosophy of "Keep exploring", Origins' scientists travel the world to find powerful ingredients, discover valuable resources in nature, and each product comes out as a result of long research. Origins products, which one can find in many stores and the brand's online shopping site, are packaged in recyclable eco-friendly packaging. In that way, it is possible to say that Origins prefers to contribute to protecting nature.   



We began by looking at beauty differently, seeing our world as a precious resource rather than something to be exploited. And so we set out on a journey to fuse the power of nature with the potency of science to bring a new skincare vision to life.





Eco-Friendly Business Approach 

The brand uses clean ingredients in Origins formulas and the main aim here is  to strike a balance between customers and the world. Origins sets some goals for itself. For example; by 2023, it aims to have 80% of its packaging reusable, recyclable and refillable. While using eco-friendly and sustainable products, the brand also plants millions of trees and plants. According to the research made so far, it is witnessed that  Origins has planted approximately 1.5 million trees. The other approach of the brand is to make the production process less harmless to nature. In that way, Origins' facilities use 100% renewable electricity. In addition to the many things it does, the brand also sets many goals for itself. For example, the plan that is now in the forefront is to reduce production to zero waste.

Origins As A Brand That Protects Nature All Together

Origins gives a great responsibility to its employees as well as the targets it sets and the tree plantings it does. Believing that all its employees are responsible for reducing the negative impacts on the planet, Origins first starts raising awareness from within the company. For example, it advocates the idea that employees should minimize individual waste, especially in the office environment. In order to recycle or avoid waste in the office, Origins has taken the following steps: 

  • To minimize printed materials, computers are encouraged to use computers instead of paper in meetings or where notes need to be taken while working. 
  • Everyone uses their own personal glass so that drinks such as coffee or water are not consumed in plastic/paperless glasses. 
  • Disposable plates and cutlery are not used in our events. 
  • The menus consist of vegetarian dishes.

Nature-Friendly Activities By Origins

  • Afforestation Works

Origins has been trying to make the world and the planet greener by running a reforestation program in cooperation with American Forests' Global ReLeaf since 2009. Planted trees help revitalize areas damaged by forest fires and natural disasters, and reduce air pollution and polluting gases. The company has planted more than 1 million trees in total so far.


  • Energy-saving Methods


Aiming to reduce our carbon emissions to zero, Origins meets 100 percent of the electricity used in the production of products and in our facilities with wind energy, thus making another contribution to nature.


  • Waste Management


Making every effort to avoid unnecessary waste, Origins makes its product packaging from environmentally-friendly cardboard. These cardboards contain 50 percent post-consumer recycled content of materials. The brand, which aims to produce cardboard packaging from 100% sustainable organic paper, is also looking for different solutions in order for products in the form of bottles or jars to be reusable products. Cosmetic bags and covers are also made from recycled cotton. In short, we may say that Origins wants and aims to contribute to sustainability by trying to make products reusable.


  • Harmless Materials For The Products


In contrast to many companies, the products made by Origins don’t contain toxic ingredients such as paraben, phthalates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde etc. This means that Origins not only tries to protect nature but also considers human health and customer satisfaction. 


Steps For Sustainability and Green Energy By Origins


As a manufacturer company, Origins tries to raise awareness about sustainability, protection of nature and wildlife while offering its customers the best and harmless products. In that way, the brand takes some important steps:


  • Afforestation


Origins believes that every breath we take is a gift from nature. In that way, it makes some initiatives in order to grow commitment to help offset carbon emissions, combat climate change and restore ecosystems. With the creation of the Origins Green The Planet Fund, the brand fights against the impacts that cause environmental degradation and global warming have on disadvantaged communities.


  • Minimal Packagings 

Origins wants to protect existing trees while planting trees. That's why it only uses cartons sourced from responsibly managed forests for its product packaging. At the same time, 55% of packaging can be recycled, refilled, reused, recycled or recovered. Thus, the protection of nature is supported without the use of harmful materials such as plastic that mix with the soil, harm the oceans or wildlife animals around the world. 


  • Conscious Manufacturing Steps


The brand uses 100% renewable electricity for its manufacturing processes and it aims to achieve zero-industrial waste-to-landfill global manufacturing and distribution sites in the coming years. 


  • Eco-Friendly Stores


Origins, which uses nature-friendly products in the store as well as in its production processes, prioritizes the use of low-emission, recyclable and/or recycled materials for visual displays. Newly opened stores use materials that emit no or low-VOC or low-VOC and/or post-industrial recycled content for wall coverings. At the same time, renewable energy sources are used for electricity in order to decrease the carbon footprint of the brand. 


Mimoni and Origins As An Eco-Friendly Brand


In this article, we discussed the Origins company, which contributes to sustainability and supports the protection of nature and natural life. If you want to learn about more eco-friendly companies and see what these companies are doing for nature, you can find more at mimoni.com. Thanks to the research we have done, we would like you to take a role in the protection of nature by offering you the most reliable and nature-friendly companies.

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