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The Citizenry

Unfortunately, the world does not have enough natural resources to meet all the needs of humanity. For this reason, it is extremely important that these limited resources are used sparingly. The way to leave a livable world to future generations passes through here. In order to protect the ecosystem and ensure its continuity, both the production and consumption understanding must be changed. In this sense, it is extremely important for brands to adopt a sustainability approach and produce nature-friendly products.


Some of the important global companies, which have a large consumer base all over the world, are reframing their current production, marketing and sales strategies around the 'ecology-friendly' discourse and signing off on important developments. However, there are some brands that have been acting with an 'environmentally friendly' approach, not only in the activities they carry out but also in the purpose of establishment, since the first day they were founded. Let's take a closer look at the aims of one of these brands, The Citizenry, and how it has taken successful steps in implementing this aim.


The Citizenry


The Citizenry offers ethically produced and ethically sourced household products, from rugs to bedding to flatware, while claiming to deliver high-quality, artisanal products for less than most traditional boutiques. Simply put, The Citizenry works directly with artisans to ship their crafts directly to the customers. Artisans working in workshops, factories, cooperatives and studios around the world earn a fair wage in a secure and happy job. At the same time, the brand highly values the protection of nature and to establish sustainable partnerships, The Citizenry's team works with 13 countries, including Uganda, India, Ireland and Argentina, to personally collaborate with the producers.


Elements Considered By The Citizenry


Each brand has certain goals and some points that it cares about on its roadmap. Now let's see these important points of The Citizenry.


  1. Global style: The brand collaborates with local artisans and creates many  stylistic products. With the modern style and outdated techniques, the products can be used in each house. 


  1. Special production: The customers can not find everything in this store. Because there are just handful of valuable creations by artisans. Each item is handmade and numbered. 


  1. Sustainability and protecting nature: The brand also considers nature while creating products. For this reason, it aims not to harm the environment or wildlife. 


Sustainability With The Citizenry


The brand is aware that humanity is a part of nature. With this awareness, The Citizenry protects the ecosystem in every step it takes and works for a healthy future for our world. The brand also believes that protecting the environment is the responsibility of human beings. With this sense of responsibility, the brand does what it should do and uses nature-friendly raw materials in every step from the production processes to sales. The brand also believes that in order to protect the future, people need to review their consumption habits because conscious consumption habits will reduce the damage to nature, as it will balance the amount of energy and raw materials that brands need in their production processes. Although natural resources seem endless, many of them are unfortunately in danger of pollution and depletion. For this reason the brand both increases its efficiency in the use of energy and raw materials with innovative and sustainable methods and contributes to the future of the world.


The brand takes the inspiration from nature for its designs and the artisans focus on environmentally friendly components that will ensure the continuity of the ecosystem. As a result, the brand uses pure materials produced using sustainable methods. The brand defines that the sustainability of a design is as vital to us as its color and model. The right materials and quality craftsmanship increase the sustainability of the designs. It is very important for the brand that the customers can use the collections with the quality of the first day for many years. For this purpose, the brand uses materials that will meet these conditions in the production processes. 




Mimoni and Sustainability


Being a nature-friendly brand is very important for that brand to fulfill its responsibility towards society and the environment. Nature-friendly clothing or home decoration brands pay attention to sustainability in many stages from the raw material of nature-friendly products produced with high environmental awareness to the shipping process. Nature-friendly brands offer products that are suitable for the sustainability of the ecosystem, based on recycling, and adopt respect for nature as a principle. As it is known, the production method adopted by many sectors harms the environment with the wastes generated after production. The textile sector is only one of these sectors, which consumes natural resources the fastest and damages water resources to a great extent. Eco-friendly brands, which work in the field of sustainability and develop innovative methods, aim to prevent all these negativities.


As we mentioned above one of these eco-friendly brands is The Citizenry. Believing homes should be reflections of the journeys, the brand’s aim is to create designs with a soul. For this reason, the brand works with many people from all over the world and travels the world to develop collections. Country by country, the brand partners with master artisans. As a result, it blends the modern style with some special techniques. In addition, the brand establishes sustainable relationships with workers and nature. Because one of the main aims of the brand is creating a fair environment for workers and artisans while producing eco-friendly products which will not cause any harm. 


If you want to contribute to nature and find eco-friendly brands to get your goods and buy products, you can consider The Citizenry for your home decoration or access other environmentally friendly companies from mimoni.com. Please note that the world is our home and if we can not do anything, nobody can. Consider this and try to take action while tending to buy sustainable and eco-friendly products.

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